The competence profile of the manager responsible for successful operation of the IMS – based CEN/TS 16555-1 standard. The competence framework can also help the adult training professionals and related organizations to:

  • reflect on professional effectiveness
  • determine and prioritize areas for individual and institutional professional growth
  • assist the individuals and the collegial community in assessing and developing institutional competence
  • raise the transparency, status and recognition of the professions by making visible the demands set on the professions.The competence profile based on interviews and surveys conducted in the partner countries will be available on our website.

Event in September

Between 21-22 September. 2016 CENELEC will organize an event on the topic. The program includes sessions on the following topics: standardization in support of smart technologies, standards for the service economy,and how standards support consumers, workers and environmental interests.


Innovation voucher tender

The Hungarian Ministry of Economics announced a tender focused on involving the micro, small and medium businesses into the innovation chain, as well as to strengthen the intensity of R&D&I activity int he corporate sector.

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Do you know what does CEN stand for? European Committee for Standardization (Comité Européen de Normalisation)

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