The Guidebook supports the understanding and practical utilization of the IMS standard with examples and good practices on more than 100 pages. The main chapters include:

  • innovation in the European Union,
  • innovation policy in Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia,
  • the birth of Standard CEN/TS 16555,
  • types of innovation,
  • context of organization,
  • leadership for innovation,
  • planning a successful innovation,
  • innovation enablers/driving factors,
  • the innovation management process,
  • assessment and improvement of the IMS,
  • innovation management techniques,
  • steps of a CEN/TS 16555-1 audit.

The Guidebook is available in English, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovak and Polish languages. The national versions of the Guidebook are actualized and adapted to the local situation; you will find the necessary legislative references, the responsible authorities as well as the description of their specific role in the process.

The major part of the Guidebook is dedicated to the in depth presentation of the CEN/TS 16555-1 standard; thus we want to ensure that future innovation managers gain a full insight into the application and understand the importance of the standard in their companies. The successful implementation of the standard based IMS system depends on its adaptation to the specific case, to the peculiarities of each and every company. There is no omnipotent recipe for all companies.

The Guidebook doesn’t contain the CEN/TS 16555-1 standard itself; therefore we suggest buying it from the responsible local authority. The CEN/TS 16555-1 is available in national languages in many countries, while the English version can be purchased from the local authority or through internet from CENELEC’s website.


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Event in September

Between 21-22 September. 2016 CENELEC will organize an event on the topic. The program includes sessions on the following topics: standardization in support of smart technologies, standards for the service economy,and how standards support consumers, workers and environmental interests.


Innovation voucher tender

The Hungarian Ministry of Economics announced a tender focused on involving the micro, small and medium businesses into the innovation chain, as well as to strengthen the intensity of R&D&I activity int he corporate sector.

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Do you know what does CEN stand for? European Committee for Standardization (Comité Européen de Normalisation)

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