The final stage of the project will comprise creation of an online social platform supporting innovative ideas. The base of this tool would be the use of the brainstorming technique, in which various ideas of solution can be generated to solve a certain issue. The ideas can range  from less realistic visions to more useful suggestions that might also be implemented. These ideas then can be unfolded, and then useful suggestions selected and can be developed further.

Brainstorming events cannot be held on a daily basis, but it is a creative tool to improve the company’s knowledge portfolio. The employees of different companies and different departments within the company can have different visions, therefore different ideas and suggestions will be generated to solve an actual (or hypothetic) problem.

The method we would like to use on this platform is as follows: with 5-10 people logged on, they have to generate as many possible ideas to solve a problem (displayed on the platform)as they can in 20-25 minutes. After the idea generating session the suggested solutions will be grouped (possibly merged), and some of the ideas will be further developed to create a detailed solution plan. This method is not only suitable to solve issues, but can be used perfectly to find innovative ideas, to develop or market new products, services, to simplify or make processes more effective. The online platform will be a surface, where the participants of the brainstorming can easily share their ideas, and the graphic layout will help them to easily understand the usage and the process.


Event in September

Between 21-22 September. 2016 CENELEC will organize an event on the topic. The program includes sessions on the following topics: standardization in support of smart technologies, standards for the service economy,and how standards support consumers, workers and environmental interests.


Innovation voucher tender

The Hungarian Ministry of Economics announced a tender focused on involving the micro, small and medium businesses into the innovation chain, as well as to strengthen the intensity of R&D&I activity int he corporate sector.

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Do you know what does CEN stand for? European Committee for Standardization (Comité Européen de Normalisation)

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