One of the main driving forces of the knowledge based society is knowledge itself, which is a fundamental element of competitiveness. Every product around us is the result of a chain of development processes. The innovation resulting in intellectual output (the product) is an essential driving force of the economic life. Nowadays, there is a strong focus on innovation, because the pace of development is rapidly increasing.

This project has developed new educational materials which improve adaptation of professional education to the needs of the labour market, and support harmonisation with the modern economic needs. The project outcomes are addressed to representatives from the educational and employment sector; therefore it contains labour based elements as well.

The main goal of the project was to develop educational materials based on Innovation Management Standard for senior and middle managers of corporations, to enable them to establish and manage a process - controlling system. The project has realized the following intellectual outputs:

  1. Elaboration base of IMS, that consists of 3 parts:
    • a competence profile to define the competences of the person responsible for IMS within the company
    • a collection of questions assembled based on the Standard. This database will help the company to define the state of innovation management and needs within their company.
    • a guidebook which supports implementation of the IMS system within the company
  2. Training. Also has 3 parts:
    • training material
    • joint staff event for testing
    • national testing with blended learning
  3. Online social brainstorming platform, to support innovation and creative idea generation.

An innovation management system has been started to be implemented in the partner organisations within the project period.

1st partner meeting

We held in the first meeting in Hungary in December 2015.  The aim of the meeting was the partnership agree on a common workplan, especially the development of the IO-s.   Focused the managing plan, dissemination plan,  quality and evaluation plan too.

2nd partner meeting

We held in Kosice in May 2016.  The partnership finalize the  results of analysis, and competence catalogue of innovation manager.   We involve more than 300 person the analysis from different sector ( education, supplier, car-industry, health industry, consultancy )  from 4 countries. The  final result is in the competence catalogue menu point. The consortium prepared the work plan for the next steps (questionnaires date base and guide  draft version)

3rd partner meeting

Next partner meeting will be in Warsaw in the end November.