IMS Tips & Findings

Motivation has always been one of the keys. It’s a considerable challenge to engage the work community to participate in innovation initiatives. That’s where gamification provides an edge. There is a management switch from being the source of ideas, to become the designers of innovation games that harness the collective wisdom of the crowd. “When gamification is used to crowdsource ideas, the role of the innovation team is to orchestrate innovation. Games are used to entertain, while gamification is used to engage and motivate people. Gamification can provide the shared goals and simple rules that will guide a group of people towards collective action. Applied to innovation, gamification can motivate people to share their ideas within a community, vote up the best ideas, and encourage people to build upon the ideas of others. Innovation games typically target a specific community with a specific problem to solve. Given the endless variety of problems to solve and communities to tap into, the opportunity space is broad.”